Faculty and Staff

Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy Faculty and Staff List


Principal: Dr. Patterson

Email: npatterson@philasd.org



Assistant Principal: Ms. Walls

Email: eawalls@philasd.org



Assistant Principal: Ms. Thurmond

Email: lthurmond@philasd.org


Secretary:  Ms. Still

Email:  mstill@philasd.org


Nurse: Ms. Sautner

Email:  msautner@philasd.org


Counselor: Ms.Brigaman

Email: mrbrigaman@philasd.org



Community Partnership Coordinator: Ms. Lawrence

Email: slawrence2@philasd.org


Culture, Climate, and Safety


Student Climate Staff: Ms. Musallam

Email: mmusallam@philasd.org



Student Climate Staff: Ms.Taylor

Email: jtaylor2@philasd.org


School Safety Officer: Officer Lopez


Bus Attendant: Ms. Bloodsaw

Email: vbloodsaw@philasd.org


Food Services: Ms. Robinson

Email: ddrobinson@philasd.org


Food Services: Ms. Diaby

Email: mdiaby@philasd.org

Lower Academy Faculty

Kindergarten: Ms. Weiner

Email: hweiner@philasd.org


Kindergarten: Ms. Raufer

Email: traufer@philasd.org


First Grade: Ms. Pineiro

Email: mndambra@philasd.org


First Grade: Mrs. Shapiro

Email: roshapiro@philasd.org



Second Grade:  Ms.Rocco

Email: trocco@philasd.org



Second Grade: Mrs.Devesa

Email: kmranda@philasd.org



Third Grade ELA: Mrs.Rosman

Email: asorichetti@philasd.org



Third Grade Math / Science / Social Studies: Ms. Gordon

Email: agordon@philasd.org


Fourth Grade ELA: Ms. Kessler

Email: skessler@philasd.org


Fourth Grade Math / Science / Social Studies: Mr.Rodini

Email: drodini@philasd.org


Upper Academy Faculty

Fifth Grade ELA: Mr. Sadler

Email: jsadler@philasd.org


Fifth Grade Math / Science / Social Studies: Mr.Ademola

Email: mademola@philasd.org



Sixth Grade Math / Science: Mr.Gerstemeier

Email: jgerstemeier@philasd.org



Sixth Grade ELA/Social Studies: Ms.Brown

Email: kbrown13@philasd.org


Seventh and Eighth Grade ELA/Social Studies: Mr.Kowalewski

Email: gkowalewski@philasd.org



Seventh and Eighth Grade Math/ Science: Mrs. McCaney

Email: gmccaney@philasd.org



Expressive Arts Faculty

Health and PE: Mr.Burks

Email: jburks@philasd.org



Art: Teacher Frank

Email: falston@philasd.org


Music: Mr.McVeigh

Email: dmcveigh@philasd.org



Digital Literacy and Citizenship: Mr.Smith

Email: jfsmith@philasd.org



Instrumental Music: 

Special Education Faculty

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Autistic Support: Ms.Qualtiere

Email: jbarbuto@philasd.org



Third- Fifth Grade Autistic Support: Ms.Kahler

Email: kkahler@philasd.org



Sixth – Eighth Grade Autistic Support: Ms.Truppo

Email: htruppo@philasd.org



Kindergarten-Fourth Learning Support: Ms.Holland

Email: gholland@philasd.org



Fifth- Eighth Learning Support: Mrs. Miller

Email: jstebulis@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Ms. Barksdale

Email: gbarksdale@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Mr Gray

Email: tgray@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Ms. Singleton

Email: tsingleton@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Ms. Walker McLeod

Email: rmwalker@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Ms. Washington

Email: zwashington@philasd.org


Autistic Support Assistant: Ms. Bezhani

Email: pbezhani@philasd.org


Autistic Support Assistant: Ms. Gatling

Email: abgatlin@philasd.org


Autistic Support Assistant: Mrs. Lawrence

Email: vlawrence@philasd.org


Autistic Support Assistant: Ms. Bruce

Email: dbruce@philasd.org


SPED Assistant: Ms. Chea


Related Services Faculty

Building Based Substitute: Ms. Kane

Email: bkane2@philasd.org


Occupational Therapy: Ms.Bachman

Email: jbachman@philasd.org


School Psychologist: Ms.Mullens

Email: lmullens@philasd.org


Speech and Language: Ms.Lambert

Email: alambert2@philasd.org


Custodial Faculty

Building Engineer: Ms. Norris

Email: tnorris@philasd.org


General Cleaner: Mr. Clay



General Cleaner: Ms. Montgomery



General Cleaner: Mr. Tabb